Valentine’s Day: Newfoundland Chocolate Company

Being a sappy female, who is pretty into attention and treats, I have always liked Valentine’s Day. However, I have always had issue with the lame, heart-shaped, mediocre boxes of chocolates. Yuck! I must prefer flowers, a sweet date … or good chocolates.

This year a local chocolate company (which I may or may not visit frequently) did the most amazing thing for Valentine’s Day – they made the chocolates not only delicious and cute, but also hilarious! Their social media campaign has gone viral in our province and is receiving huge reaction.

The Newfoundland Chocolate Company opened their location on Duckworth Street in the picturesque downtown of St.John’s, Newfoundland in 2010 and have been thriving since inception. With chocolate dripping from the awning and elaborate window displays of chocolate, you are immediately drawn in to this delicious little shop.

Newfoundland Chocolate Company(from their Facebook page)

Upon entering you’re greeted with a smile and a friendly ‘hello’ and almost always handed a piece of chocolate to savour while you deliberate what you must take with you (it’s always more than you need, but it’s worth it)!

Their Valentine’s chocolate bars have been my favourite campaign of theirs so far – my second favourite is the gorgeous collection of chocolate shoes. If you are familiar with Newfoundland dialect, the adorable packaging of these chocolate treats will make complete sense. If you have no concept, don’t worry – come visit us! If you can’t visit, I will direct you to the youtube page of a local comedian (please note, the accents are heavily exaggerated here, but you’ll get the idea).

These caramel-filled bars of deliciousness are labelled with terms of endearment from Newfoundland dialect. Something that makes us unique, draws us together and lets us have a good laugh at ourselves – if Valentine’s is really about anything, that’s exactly what it should be.

My best friend set off on a journey last August to spend a year in Australia and backpacking through South-East Asia. When I seen these treats, I knew I had to send them along, they are the perfect way to show love, belonging, share a laugh and of course, a delicious treat.

Newfoundland Chocolate CompanyΒ Newfoundland Chocolate Company

(Disclaimer – I did eat one before sending, I’m so sorry – I couldn’t resist)


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