Sushi Island: Grand Opening

In what seems to be a reoccurring trend of local restaurants shutting their doors, there is a light shining through! Located at 210 Water Street in downtown, St.John’s a new restaurant has just opened.

Sushi Island features a definitely western, and amazing, take on delicious Japanese sushi: all you can eat! Yes, let me repeat, all you can eat. For $16.99 (lunch) or $26.99 (dinner) you can feast your sushi-loving boots off.

Sushi Island NewfoundlandI will admit that I initially had reservations. Although I can be a bit gluttonous (I acknowledge this) I was worried that quantity may outweigh quality in an all-you-can-eat location. However, I was happily mistaken. The fish is extremely fresh with melt-in-your-mouth cuts and I believe they may have the best avocados on the island!


If you’re not ready to take on the all-you-can-eat, don’t worry! Sushi Island does lunch specials for set prices as well, a perfect way to get your feet wet if you’re new to this delicious food.

IMG_7834Sushi Island Newfoundland

Sushi Island has tons of seating throughout its unique U-shaped restaurant with bright lighting and simple decor. The centre of attention is certainly the sushi bar itself, located in the front of the restaurant. With sushi chefs working with expert precision at an incredibly fast pace, it’s worth watching while you wait for your feast to begin.


Yes, I mentioned the wait. The only negative I have to mention for this new restaurant is the service – however, I have found this to be a common issue, with sushi restaurants in particular, in St.John’s. All staff are courteous and kind however, you should expect a bit of a wait before you are initially served, especially if they are busy. Being a new restaurant I gave the place a few tries before I settled on my opinions (3 tries, to be exact… yes, they’ve only been open about a week, I’m not embarrassed). Each time I have eaten, two all-you-can-eats and one take-out lunch special, the service as been slow and inattentive.

But, it’s worth it. Your mouth will be stuffed and your belly full, so who wants to talk to the server anyway?

One other side note is the actual method of ordering for the all-you-can-eat. On my second visit, I was with a groups of friends and we were a little irked (but mostly confused) that the single order sheet is for the entire table. So be sure you discuss what you’re ordering before your eager-beaver friend starts marking away.

Gyoza Sushi IslandOverall, I have enjoyed all my experiences at Sushi Island thoroughly and can’t wait to eat there again!


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