Herbal Teas: My Top Three Favourite

There is nothing better than feeling the warmth emanating from a mug onto your hands and while you sip, warming you from the inside out. My favourite point of the day is when I get to put on my slippers, leggings and a cozy hoodie while cuddling up on my couch drinking a cup of tea. Tea in bed For me, tea is a perfect way to relax and soothe whatever the day has brought to you. I also love to drink tea while I’m studying to keep me focused, unstressed and most importantly, drinking tea keeps me from snacking! Having a full flavoured herbal tea is a great way to curb unhealthy cravings and get a little extra daily water intake! David's tea studying A snow-storm is brewing so I felt this was the perfect time to share with you my top three favourite teas! I have been frequenting David’s Tea for a couple of years now but recently have been delving in deep to try new flavours and find my favourites. This list includes my top three favourite herbal teas from David’s Tea. David's TeaDavid's Tea cup

My Top Three Favourite Herbal Teas

1. Forever Nuts

Featuring almond slices, beetroot, apple pieces and cinnamon bark. This herbal tea has a rich, slightly-sweet nutty infusion which mixed with its bright pink colour creates a delicious and fun experience. Forever Nuts David's Tea

2. Goji Pop

This sweet tea is filled with goji berries, rose chips, lemon oil, apple, honeydew melon, marigold petals and hibiscus. Sipping on this tropical delight is a perfect way to warm up in the winter or prep yourself for the beach in summer.

David's Tea tote

3. Cold 911

This is my go-to winter tea in preparation for the on-coming illnesses – Cold 911 is a true life saver! With a soothing mix of peppermint, juniper berries and eucalyptus it’s sure to soothe whatever ails you and help you breathe through your sick day. David's Tea Newfoundland

If you think herbal teas are right for you, all you need to get on board is a great mug (mine is from Indigo) and a tea infuser.
If you’re still unsure, visit your nearest David’s Tea – they’ll let you smell all the teas until you find one that seems right for you! Plus, they’re all tea-lovers, they can point you in the right direction.
David's tea mug
If you have a favourite tea, please share!

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