Last Chance for Valentine’s Day: Newfoundland Chocolate Company

It’s Friday the 13th – don’t let the bad luck of today ruin your Valentine’s Day!

If you haven’t already purchased a sweet surprise for your loved one, it’s time to get shopping. The Newfoundland Chocolate Company has some amazing and tasty gifts that your significant other is sure to fall for!

Newfoundland Chocolate Company Newfoundland Chocolate Company

Contrary to popular belief – chocolates aren’t just for the ladies! There are special treats for your chocolate-loving man too! Check out these adorable boxes of chocolates or shaved chocolate to create the most amazing cup of hot chocolate they’ve ever had.

Valentine's day chocolate Valentine's day chocolate

Of course, if you make it to the Newfoundland Chocolate Company in time for Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to pick up a few of their adorable (and delicious) LOVE bars. You can read my blog about them here. Featuring a melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate filled with a delicious sea salt caramel, you’ll want to buy some for you and your lover!

cat chocolate valentine's day cat chocolate valentine's day

While you’re there help this amazing company #starttheconversation by tweeting a photo of your sweet treat, your surprised Valentine or grab the sign in store!

You can find their Twitter account here.

newfoundland chocolate company valentine's day newfoundland chocolate company valentine's day

Thank you Newfoundland Chocolate Company for #startingtheconversation with so many people, creating amazing treats and helping us all make Valentine’s Day a little more special and unique!

Thank you as well for our treats! We sent some LOVE bars to a loved one in Australia and of course, we devoured the rest! Hope to visit again soon.

thank you chocolate

thank you chocolate

If you’ve realized you’ve made a HUGE mistake and forgot to get your loved one the treats they deserve, don’t panic! The Avalon Mall location of the Newfoundland Chocolate company is open until 10pm tonight while the Duckworth location is open until 8pm.

If you really messed up, both are open tomorrow at 10am – don’t be late!

Chocolate Newfoundland Chocolate Newfoundland

heart chocolate


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