Gracie Joe’s: Food. Coffee. Art.

Located at 123 Quidi Vidi Road in Downtown, St.John’s in the building of a former funeral parlour, is a small, cozy restaurant with a unique approach. Emphasizing quality, not quantity, Gracie Joe’s cafe concept restaurant serves up fresh, comfort food with delicious local ingredients.

Gracie Joe's Newfoundland Gracie Joe's Newfoundland

Upon entering, you are greeted with a  friendly smile and welcomed into the cozy, yet relaxed dining area. As you sit you will take note of the unique furniture, interesting art lining the walls and the well-kept modern kitchen which is open for your viewing pleasure! There is no better sign of quality in a restaurant than having the whole process available for you to watch – and I highly recommend that you do! It’s a great experience to watch your food come to life and to observe naturally talented people, you just might learn something – or appreciate your meal that much more.

Interior gracie joe's newfoundlandInterior gracie joe's newfoundland

Interior gracie joe's newfoundland

Their caption of “Food. Coffee. Art.” is absolutely appropriate. While you deliberate over the mouth-watering menu, I recommend trying the coffee. The simple cup of coffee is easily messed up, but I assure you, your morning cup will be perfect at Gracie Joe’s.

Coffee Gracie joe's St.John'sCoffee Gracie joe's St.John's

I have had the pleasure of having both breakfast/brunch and lunch at this amazing location. Each time I felt comfortable, well-serviced, well-fed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The breakfast/brunch menu is everything you have ever dreamed of waking up to on a lazy, bright Saturday morning. Featuring classics like Smoked Salmon on Crositini and Eggs Benedict and also mixing-it-up with original dishes such as Banana Nut French Toast and Breakfast Poutine.

After much deliberation, I went with the Banana Nut French Toast and was overwhelmingly pleased!

banana nut french toast gracie joe's

Their lunch menu is slightly more inclusive with multiple soup, salad, sandwich and unique pizza options. Again, they feature timeless dishes that are always a test of a good restaurant and chef, such as French Onion Soup (theirs is brandy infused – delicious!) and a Beet and Goat’s Cheese Salad. With the unique perspective of this restaurant, their lunch menu is taken to a fun and unique level by creating unexpected must-try dishes. I immediately gravitated towards one of these dishes – the Prosciutto Naan Pizza.

We also tried the fresh and seasonally appropriate Roasted Tomato Soup, the rich, brandy infused French Onion Soup and a hearty, delectable Curry Chicken Sandwich.

Prosciutto pizza french onion soup curry chicken sandwich roasted tomato soup

I have yet to try the supper service at Gracie Joe’s however, I have heard only raving reviews. Featuring dishes such as Moroccan Braised Lamb Shanks and Sweet Curry Seared Salmon, I am positive I would be just as enthralled with this menu!

Another must-try at this restaurant is their sweets menu. Gracie Joe’s Gluten Free Brownie’s have a reputation of their own in the city. If you can’t make it to Gracie Joe’s, you can also find these sweet treats at Coffee and Company on Water Street – but you better move quickly, they sell out fast.

coffee and co brownie gracie joe's

If you’re looking for a place to head for Sunday breakfast this weekend, Gracie Joe’s has been posting mouth-watering and hunger-inticing photos of variations of pulled pork they have conjured up for this weekend – including this amazing Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict.

pulled pork eggs benny

Interested? You can find all of the menus online here. For opening hours, take a look at their Facebook here.

One thing to note for your visit, is that Gracie Joe’s is cash only, so come prepared! It’s worth it.

gracie joe's st.john's newfoundland


7 thoughts on “Gracie Joe’s: Food. Coffee. Art.

  1. andrea porter February 21, 2015 / 10:50 pm

    Another great one, Jess. The kids and i, especially Bren, have been going here since they first opened and we love the atmosphere and food. Especially the GF brownies!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessica Kilfoy February 21, 2015 / 11:11 pm

      Thank you, Andrea! It is such a great place to go with family. So relaxed and just delicious!


  2. Laura February 21, 2015 / 6:51 pm

    Great review! Gotta try this new place when I get back!


  3. Rika February 21, 2015 / 5:57 pm

    Just seeing those food pictures ❤
    You're a great blogger u've got my official follow!
    Please continue to inspire us!
    Much love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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