Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food

One of the most important fixtures in a city for a foodie is finding your perfect ‘local’. This is the place where you feel like you’re at home, the place you automatically gravitate towards for your morning coffee on your walk to work, the first place you think of when you’re headed for lunch and when you decide “today deserves a treat”.

For myself, this place is Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food.

Rocket Bakery Water Street Rocket Bakery Water StreetRocket Bakery Water Street coffeeRocket’s brightly coloured doors and tall bright windows instantly grab your attention as you pass by. Glancing in and spotting happy people snacking on delicious-looking treats until suddenly – you’re hooked! Once you step inside you are greeted with a crowd of food-loving individuals, brightly coloured packages, delectable treats sparkling in showcases and busy employees who are energetic, thoughtful and incredibly kind.

Rocket Bakery NewfoundlandRocket Bakery Newfoundland IMG_7976 IMG_7975 IMG_7977Rocket Bakery Newfoundland

If you’re heading for lunch, Rocket has a ton of fresh and delicious options that are sure to satisfy! Serving amazing croissant sandwiches, chicken & black bean burritos, quiche, daily soups, salads and fresh on-the-spot sandwiches, you’re sure to fill yourself up and feel great about what you’ve eaten! Posting daily on Facebook, Rocket is always keeping it interesting and also sticking to their customer faves! I highly recommend the chicken burritos – make sure you get a taste of their homemade salsa, it’s amazing.

salad lunch rocket bakery sandwich lunch rocket bakery burrito rocket bakery newfoundland coffee cookie rocket bakery and fresh food

As well, daily at 5pm, Rocket Bakery serves up homemade comfort food that is absolutely worth the try!

Another must-try, is Rocket’s selection of artisan breads – and the classic baguette and whole wheat too! Whether it’s to bring home for dinner, to make amazing french toast or to contribute to a pot luck – these are the breads to go for.

bread Rocket Bakery Newfoundland

Although the food is delicious, Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food has a reputation for being the place to go for a perfect pastry and all sweet treats! If you haven’t heard the buzz, you must get down there and find out for yourself. Using seasonal products, Rocket has a constant array of sweet delectables that can be a great start to a morning or the perfect way to wake yourself up in the afternoon. My absolute favourites are the Ginger Cookies, Coconut Macaroons and Almond Croissants.

Ginger cookie rocket bakery newfoundland Ginger cookie rocket bakery newfoundland Rocket Bakery newfoundland cakepumpkin tart rocket bakery newfoundland

The final thing you must try on your visit to Rocket is their coffee or espresso. With talented baristas creating beautiful latte art or serving you up a rich Americano with ease, these guys do it the best! With your coffee and treat in hand you’ll feel at home as your nestle yourself into the antique and brightly coloured seating and enjoy the effortless and friendly atmosphere. An added bonus for coffee lovers, is Rocket’s supply of Phil & Sebastian beans which they will gladly grind for you so you can take this amazing wake-me-up taste home with you.

coffee rocket newfoundland coffee rocket newfoundland phil and sebastian beans rocket coffee rocket newfoundland phil and sebastian coffee rocket coffee ginger cookie

I have been frequenting Rocket Bakery since it’s inception and am always impressed with the quality of the food and service. Not long ago, for my lactose-intolerant boyfriend’s birthday, I ordered a Vivacious Vegan Chocolate Cake – I expected a delicious treat knowing Rocket’s consistent quality but wondered at the ability for a Vegan cake to maintain such a full flavour. My concerns were very much out of line. This cake was out of bounds! Since that time I have ordered this cake for every occasion (including my mother’s recent birthday) and it is always the crowd favourite. It truly is vivacious and absolutely decadent.

cake vegan rocket Rocket offers a selection of specialty cakes available for order as well as offering catering services. You can find out about their cakes here and catering here. If you are still doubting the uniqueness and authenticity of this amazing bakery and cafe, this final note should make it obvious that Rocket Bakery should be your ‘local’ too. In the summer months, Rocket creates its own homemade sodas and lemonades that are the perfect thirst quenching, heat-beating treat we all need on a stroll downtown. lemonade rocket bakery If you’re lucky, when you stop by you may even catch a local band playing in the Rocket Room. Either way, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I hope you can make my ‘local’, your ‘local’ too.

What is your favourite treat from Rocket Bakery?


2 thoughts on “Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food

  1. kadiewanders February 24, 2015 / 11:44 pm

    I’m OBSESSED with Rocket’s chicken burritos. I seriously try to get anyone I’m with to try it when I visit!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessica Kilfoy February 24, 2015 / 11:46 pm

      They are absolutely delicious! Favourite lunch, by far. One day, I created the ultimate Rocket burrito by asking if they could add black beans into the chicken burrito – it was amazing.


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