Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food: Sausage

Have you heard the news? Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food is serving up something new and totally unique.

Two chefs, Peter Burt and Ross Larkin, from local favourite and recently named #1 Restaurant in Canada, Raymond’s, have come together to produce a nitrate-free, additive-free and filler-free sausage exclusively for Rocket Bakery.

peter burt ross larkin rocket bakery sausage chefs newfoundland

Peter and Ross have both spent time cooking in culinary hot-spots including Vancouver, Beijing, Australia and Spain and have amassed a combined 37 years professional experience in the industry. Now, working hard in the kitchens of Raymond’s, they have branched out to bring a new take on Newfoundland flavour to Rocket Bakery and our own kitchens.

chorizo sausage rocket bakery newfoundland

Featuring pork from Point Leamington Farms and salt from the Newfoundland Salt Company, these sausages are truly local and sure to taste amazing. These new additions to Rocket’s arsenal of mouth-watering fresh foods are available currently in 5 flavours: Italian, Garlic, Maple, Chorizo and Kolbász. We all know the best flavours come from local ingredients and chefs who are passionate about keeping it local – which is exactly what this product represents. Now, the questions remains – how to eat it? I have two suggestions on how to try this great new product.

First, a simple and guest-impressing charcuterie plate. Go with simple and fresh ingredients that are sure to compliment each other and serve on a classic wooden platter. See my ingredient suggestion list below and photo for food styling inspiration. A great charcuterie plate is easy to put together while its mix of sweet-salty and creamy-acidic is sure to wow your party guests.

charcuterie plate newfoundland

To create my ultimate “Rocket charcuterie plate”, all you need is:

  • Rocket sausage – my choice: Italian & Chorizo
  • Cured meat – my choice: prosciutto
  • Cheese – my choice: plain goat’s cheese, creamy havarti & aged cheddar
  • Bread/crackers – my choice: toasted Rocket baguette & multigrain crackers
  • Acidity – my choice: Roasted red pepper & Rocket’s pitted olives
  • Neutralizer – my choice: fresh grapes

baguette rocket bakery newfoundland sausage rocket bakery newfoundland goats cheese rocket bakery sausage newfoundland olives rocket bakery newfoundland

Second. This suggestion for serving the new Rocket sausages is a little more hearty and sure to please hungry bellies at dinner time. Try a recipe like a Grilled Sausage Puttanesca from Rock Recipes or Penne with Chorizo and Creamy Tomato Sauce from

We did our own adaptation and created a Penne and Chorizo in Tomato-Cream Sauce.

Rocket bakery and fresh foods chorizo sausage onion red pepper paste recipe

penne chorizo pasta

At $11.25 the price feels a little steep, but once you take your first bite you’ll understand its worth. These sausages are made with true culinary care and Newfoundland heart and each bite certainly reflects that.

Rocket bakery water street newfoundland

You can find these sausages in Rocket Bakery on Water Street in their freezer*. If I were you, I’d get down to try out these Rocket sausages before they’re sold out!

* In this freezer you will also find Rocket’s own touton dough which is also totally worth the try.


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