The Gypsy Tea Room: Brunch

On Sunday I woke with the sun pouring in my window and the rare satisfaction of having absolutely no commitments for the day. Immediately I thought “Brunch”! Brunch is something I rarely get to do, but it’s such a nice way to start a day, especially a sunny Sunday.

Lying in bed, I scrolled through Facebook looking for a little brunch-spiration and came across this mouth-watering image on the page of The Gypsy Tea Room, along with a note of their brunch mimosa special. I was sold and headed straight down.

waffles the gypsy tea room newfoundland

The Gypsy Tea Room is located on Water Street in the historic Murray Premises. They offer European and Mediterranean cuisine specializing in seafood and pasta with an extensive collection of International wines.

If you are seated in the lounge area, you’ll get to take full advantage of their amazing collection of wines as you gaze upon their amazing wall of wine and stunning bar.

Gypsy Tea Room Wine gypsy tea room interior wine

Since it was so early in the day, we thought it best to take a seat in the main dining room, which is much more formal.

gypsy tea room interior dining room gypsy tea room interior dining room

Of course, we started our morning with a cup of coffee. Thankfully, The Gypsy Tea Room serves up  a good cup that definitely woke us up and started our morning off right.

coffee gypsy tea room coffee gypsy tea room

Once we had our coffee I could hardly hold in my excitement of ordering a mimosa – thankfully, the service was prompt and I had it in my hands before I had even finished my coffee!

It was fresh and delicious, with the perfect amount of tang you’d expect. Just what I was looking for!

Mimosa The Gypsy Tea Room Newfoundland

Of course we perused the menu while we sipped away, but I already knew what I was here for: the mouth-watering plate of waffles! To be specific, it was fresh Belgian Waffles topped with strawberries and a sweet Chantilly Cream. Served with a just-sweet-enough maple syrup and crisp, savoury hash browns – a great contradiction to the Chantilly cream.

I will mention briefly that when the dish was served I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t get the beautiful presentation as the Facebook photo (it was a post from their Valentine’s special, so I should have expected the everyday brunch wouldn’t be quite as romantic). But, my disappointment completely disappeared as I took my first bite – it was everything I had hoped for!

belgian waffles strawberry chantilly cream gypsy tea room newfoundland belgian waffles strawberry gypsy tea room newfoundland

The waffle edges were crisp with soft interiors, the Chantilly cream was sweet and light while the strawberries were fresh and full of flavour.

As per usual, Andrew and I went halves on our meals, because it’s often just too hard to decide on one thing. We also ordered the Eggs Benedict. The classic poached eggs were served on baked ham and a fluffy touton, topped with hollandaise and again, a side of hash browns. We are both serious egg-lovers, so we were very excited at the perfection of the poached egg.

eggs benedict touton gypsy tea room newfoundland eggs benedict touton gypsy tea room newfoundland

Although this meal was excellent, we did both prefer the waffles!

Their brunch menu includes a selection of sides as well, of course, we couldn’t resist ordering a side of Thick-Cut Bacon. It was full of flavour, certainly not guilt-free but totally worth it!

You can find The Gypsy Tea Room’s Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and Lounge menus here.

thick cut bacon gypsy tea room newfoundland

Overall, we had a great experience at The Gypsy Tea Room! Next time we will definitely both be going for the waffles and more mimosa’s. For brunch, as well, I think I would have preferred sitting in the more relaxed lounge area as opposed to the formal dining room.

But, we loved it and can’t wait to try it again! Hopefully, we can make more room for brunch in our lives, it was a great way to start a relaxing Sunday and not waste the day away at home.

For updates on their specials and delicious food pictures, follow The Gypsy Tea Room on Facebook and Instagram.

mimosa gypsy team room newfoundland brunch


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