Hollow Egg Collection: Newfoundland Chocolate Company

If you follow the Newfoundland Chocolate Company, you’re sure to have seen the amazing city-wide Easter Egg Hunt they’re putting off right now. If you’re not up to date with this amazing contest, you can read more about it here.

The short-and-sweet- of the contest is: follow their social media accounts and keep a look out for clues on where hidden treats are in order to win amazing prizes! The grand prize is this amazing gift basket valued at $450.

Newfoundland Chocolate Company Easter egg hunt

There is a total of 5 rounds of hidden chocolate and right now the contest is in round 4! If you haven’t already gotten involved, now is the time.

For each round, the first person to find the location of the hidden chocolate treats instantly wins a collection of the hollow eggs from Newfoundland Chocolate Company. The grand prize basket looks amazing, but I couldn’t resist the draw of these beautiful hollow eggs.

hollow egg collection easter chocolate newfoundland chocolate company

They come in the classic variations of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Each egg has a unique and intricate design and the melt-in-your-mouth texture that I love about Newfoundland Chocolate Company‘s chocolate. I almost felt guilty about eating these eggs, each one truly is its own piece of art. The talented chocolatiers truly outdid themselves this time.

These hollow eggs are the perfect topper to an Easter gift, a fun end to the Easter Bunny’s chocolate trail, or the perfect sweet treat for a loved one. I would love to receive one of these gorgeous (and delicious) eggs, even if it wasn’t Easter! 

newfoundland chocolate company hollow egg easter

Consistent with the enticing, delectable and luscious taste quality that I always expect from the Newfoundland Chocolate Company, these hollow eggs are the ultimate Easter treat.

white chocolate hollow egg newfoundland chocolate company dark chocolate hollow egg newfoundland chocolate company

Curious what they look like on the inside? I thought you might be – I was! They are hollow, but there is nothing lacking in flavour or rich, smooth texture.

hollow egg collection newfoundland chocolate company

You can win these heavenly eggs through Newfoundland Chocolate Company’s Easter Egg Hunt contest or head down to either of their retail locations. Of course, you’ll want one of each and thankfully they are priced accordingly – 3 for $20! A great deal for an eye-catching, mouth-watering and frame-worthy treat.

hollow egg collection newfoundland chocolate company

At the Newfoundland Chocolate Company locations and on their online store, you will find a bunch of other amazing Easter themed goodies. Keep an eye out for Puffin Eggs, the “Wabbity Grand Band Collection”, “Bunny Other Fella”, “Come From Away Bunny”, “Townie Bunny” and “Bayman Bunny”.

Being the all-incompassing people they are, they even have low sugar options available in these adorable bunnies!

bunny newfoundland chocolate company bunny newfoundland chocolate company

bunny newfoundland chocolate company bunny newfoundland chocolate company

I think I’ll be picking up a collection of Townie and Bayman Bunnies as a fun, tasty treat for a few friends – and maybe one of those gorgeous flowers for myself!


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