Good Friday: Where To Eat

Some of the hardest days, as a foodie, are holidays. Yes, they come with an opportunity for a fresh, home cooked meal or a day of guilt-free snacking. But sometimes (read: most times), you just want to eat out.

Easter however, has its own tradition, rooted in the ever prevalent Catholic faith. This tradition extends far past the faith however and allows all to rejoice in the holiday of Easter. What is this tradition? Fish and Chips on Good Friday, of course.

With many places closing for the holiday, I have compiled a list of my top 5 places to check out for the classic fish and chips this Good Friday.

Top 5 Places for Fish & Chips
 1. The Club

They are open on Good Friday and are serving up a modern take on the classic: Fish and Chips Dressing and Bone Marrow Gravy. Definitely the to-go place for the foodie who isn’t partaking in the religious aspects of the holiday. Check out The Club’s Facebook here.

the club easter fish and chips newfoundland

2. YellowBelly Brewery

Fish and Chips is a staple on the YellowBelly menu, which means it’s something they do right! Their dish is a Panko and Fresh Herb Crusted Filet of Cod with Fresh Cut French Fries and a Citrus Aioli. You can even make your reservations online in advance, that way you can be sure you won’t be waiting around in a line like a novice.

yellow belly fish and chips easter newfoundland

3. By Da Beach

I do warn in advance, that you will be waiting in a line for Fish and Chips at By Da Beach – because it simply is the best in town! They serve up the classic and sought-after, deep fried goodness that we all know and love. If you’re willing to stick out the wait, you might as well wait for the best – and take in some of the amazing scenery while you’re there. Although it may not exactly be deck weather just yet, there is plenty of inside seating or you can do take-out.

by da beach portugal cove good friday newfoundland fish and chips easter

4. Bridie Molloy’s and The Celtic Hearth

When I’m looking for comfort food, Bridie Molloy’s and The Celtic Hearth is the first place I head for. Fish and Chips is a a traditional Newfoundland meal, which is exactly what this pub and restaurant are all about. For a relaxing day off enjoying your feed take a seat in the pub, order a pint and enjoy some traditional Newfoundland music.

bridie molloy's celtic hearth newfoundland easter fish and chips

5. The Reluctant Chef

If you’re ready to take your Good Friday game to the  next level, The Reluctant Chef is the place to do it. Having just introduced a new menu, their dishes are fresh, unique and sure to be an all encompassing experience. According to their Facebook page, they are planning a few cod-heavy options in honour of the holiday. Although it may not be the classic it’s sure to be amazing.

reluctant chef newfoundland good friday easter

What is your favourite place to hit-up for Good Friday Fi & Chi?

*Images from The Club, YellowBelly Brewery, Bridie Molloy’s and Reluctant Chef from their respective Facebook pages


3 thoughts on “Good Friday: Where To Eat

  1. Jil May 4, 2015 / 3:16 pm

    The duke is definitely worth a try. So tasty!! I love me some Nautical Nellies too but I eat there all the time so I guess I’m biased. It’s one of my favorite places to eat.


  2. jon April 2, 2015 / 9:26 pm

    The Club is the best but the Duke deserves a mention here. Far better than Celtic Hearth


    • Jessica Kilfoy April 2, 2015 / 9:37 pm

      I’m glad you said that! Personally, I do love the atmosphere of Bridie Molloy’s/Celtic Hearth and enjoy their comfort foods. I considered putting The Duke on my list – but, I have yet to eat there! So I didn’t think it would be fair to recommend it without actually trying it myself.

      I’ll definitely be making an effort to try their food soon and (based on other reviews) imagine they will be on my list next year. Do you have any other must-try’s from The Duke?


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