A Taste of France: NLC Event

A must for any foodie is to have at least a basic knowledge of wines – whether it’s for food pairings, preparing the ultimate dinner party or for breaking the ice with some food-inspired interesting facts.

france paris grenoble

A couple of years ago, my best friend and I backpacked around France. We walked through the streets of Grenoble at the base of the French Alps, ate at local pizza shops, devoured macaroons, fresh fruit, bit into warm baguettes and fell in love with the romantic architecture that Paris is so known for. Throughout our time there, the strong food culture was so evident and the intense love and tradition of wine was absolutely incredible.

bring the bread in france wine foodie bring the bread in france wine foodie

When I first heard about the NLC putting off the event A Taste Of France, I immediately remembered the dreamy, culturally rich, inspiring moments I had exploring France and its amazing wine culture. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to find out more about it – and where I could buy tickets! I knew that getting to taste those amazing flavours again, especially amongst other local foodies and culturally-inspired people, was something I had to do.

If you’re new to the idea of wine shows, the basic premise is you get to grab your best friends or make it a date night, put on some nice duds and head out for an evening of wine tasting, mingling and learn about the art and science of wine.

Wine Show 2014 A Taste Of France NLC Newfoundland events


A Taste Of France is taking place on the evening of Saturday, May 2nd at the Delta St.John’s. This is the 6th “Taste Of” event hosted by the NLC. They have previously featured Australia, Chile and Argentina, North America and Italy, as well as hosting the larger Annual Fall Wine Show.

You can purchase tickets for $59.99 + HST + Mile One Surcharges, at the Mile One Box Office online, or in person, and also over the phone. You can find the purchasing details here. Tip! If you purchase your tickets in-person at the box office or over the phone, you save the $4.90 processing fee – which you can obviously use to buy more wine!

Wine Show 2014 A Taste Of France NLC Newfoundland St.John's Event

What to Expect

With your entry to A Taste Of France you will get the opportunity to swirl, sniff and sip over 150 different wines from the major wine growing regions in France, including Bordeaux, Cotes du Rhone, Burgundy and Champagne. Being among experienced and knowledgable wine-lovers is the perfect way to learn more about the products, proper techniques, food pairings and of course, try new wines.

Along with the endless wine sampling, there will be sampling of a variety of cheese and breads – a natural companion to the French wine. As well, each guest will receive a $10 taxi voucher – they truly have all bases covered!

Wine Show 2014 Maurice Fitzgerald A Taste Of France Newfoundland Events

Upon entry, each guest is given a tasting booklet. While you peruse, mingle and sample, you can make notes on your favourite new wines. Once you have found your new favourites, you will have the opportunity to purchase them at the NLC’s on-site store! Some of these products will only be available for this show, so act quickly!

A bonus to this is, when you spend $100 in the store, you earn a FREE bottle of wine! If you want to do a little pre-shopping, you can find the featured product list here.

Wine Show 2014 A Taste Of France NLC event St.John's Newfoundland

Wine Show 2014 newfoundland nlc


If you’re ready to partake in this all-encompassing, sensory, educational and absolutely enjoyable event, I recommend purchasing your tickets soon – before it sells out! Visit the A Taste Of France Facebook event for updates and to invite your friends on a night out.

You can buy ticket online at the Mile One Box Office here or visit them in person.
You can find the purchasing phone number here.

See you in France!

bring the bread in france paris*Wine Show photos by Maurice Fitzgerald


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