Magnum and Steins: Lounge Menu

After finishing my final exams there were a few things I knew had to happen. I needed a reason to wear a decent outfit (no more yoga pants), I needed to sip on a sweet martini and nosh on some delicious food. Magnum and Steins, located in the central downtown location of 329 Duckworth Street, was the perfect place to go for my must-have trifecta.

magnum and steins restaurant st.john's newfoundland

When we arrived, we took a seat at the bar located in the main dining room. Being that Magnum and Steins is a wine bar, this is truly one of the best seats in the house!

Magnum and Steins Wine Bar St.John's Newfoundland Magnum and Steins Wine Bar St.John's Newfoundland

However, on this visit, I wasn’t looking for wine. I had my mind set on a sweet, delicious martini. I ordered the Melontini, which was a fantastic mix of sweet melon and rich vanilla that was a perfect start to our indulgent meal.

I will definitely be attending their $6 Martini Happy Hour very soon! You can read more about it on their Facebook page.

melontini magnum and steins wine bar newfoundland

Now seated at our table, we enjoyed our drinks and the classic bread-butter appetizer. The bread was fresh, light and fluffy and was served with a delicate, whipped black sesame butter.

black sesame whipped butter bread magnum and steins restaurant review

A little tid-bit about the blog itself: the name Bring The Bread derived from a moment I’m sure everyone has experienced, the moment when you arrive at a restaurant absolutely starving and you are just begging for the server to bring the bread. Thankfully, on this trip to Magnum and Steins, they were very quick at bringing the bread – and it was delicious!

At Magnum and Steins you have the option of choosing between two menus. The first is the Dinner Menu which is comprised of delectable appetizers such as Oysters and Beef Tartare along with rich entrees including the amazing Oven Roasted New Zealand Lamb Rack.

The second menu is the Bar/Lounge Menu – which you can order from the lounge itself or in the dining room. This menu features more casual, yet equally as tempting, dishes including a Charcuterie Plate, Duck Confit Nachos, Mags Fries and Mags Wings. A great feature of this menu, is that they have added suggested wine pairings to each dish! I appreciate them taking the guess work out for those of us with less wine-knowledge and ensuring we create the perfect balance for our meal.

You can find all of their menus here.

magnum and steins restaurant newfoundland menu

On this visit, we decided to keep it casual and try out the Lounge Menu. We have been frequenting Magnum and Steins for quite a few years and have fallen completely in love with every dish we’ve been served there. Which meant, it was time to try something new!

To start, we ordered the Apple and Pear Salad – which was from the Dinner Menu. This dish featured Whipped Goat Cheese and Candied Pistachio Crumble on a bed of Mixed Greens, drizzled with Apple Cider Vinaigrette and finished off with delicately sliced Apple and Pear. ($12)

apple and pear salad magnum and steins newfoundland restaurant review

This salad was fresh and simple. The textures mixed perfectly while the sweetness of the pistachio crumble perfectly complimented the acidity of the vinaigrette. We both really enjoyed this as a starter.

Next, we shared a few of the Fish Tacos. Served on a Grilled Flour Tortilla, the Crispy Fried Cod was layered with Shaved Cabbage, Pico de Gallo and drizzled with a mouth-watering Chipotle Lime Crema. ($8 each)

fish taco magnum and steins newfoundland st.john's

These tacos were to die for! Again, the ingredients were all very fresh with perfectly complimenting textures. The rich and smooth chipotle lime crema was amazing on top of the crispy cabbage and fried cod. I did feel however, that they were priced a little steeply but I believe it was only because I wanted to eat so many of them, not the actual quality of the dish. I would definitely eat more of these!

We finished off our main courses with a serving of the much-anticipated Duck Confit Nachos. I have been hearing about these nachos for awhile now and couldn’t wait to get to Magnum and Steins to try them! This dish is based on crispy, Fried Wontons which are topped with a Carrot & Ginger Slaw, drizzled with Sweet & Spicy Sesame Soy and finished off with a mound of juicy and rich Duck Confit. ($10-half, $16-full)

duck confit nachos magnum and steins newfoundland st.john's restaurant

I am still not over the delightfulness of this plate. The wontons were pleasantly crisp, the mix of the slaw and soy created a heavenly mix of flavours, topped off with the truly perfectly served duck confit. I will definitely be returning specifically for this dish! It is certainly a little sodium-heavy, but it is absolutely a must-try! (My mouth it watering thinking about it).

I know that I’ve visited a good restaurant when I insist upon checking out the dessert menu. If this chef is serving up Duck Confit Nachos, I need to see what they’re doing with the sweets. So naturally, we ordered dessert.

The Magnum and Steins dessert menu varies depending on available ingredients, so you won’t find it online anywhere. They tend to cover the basics but, with a fun and talented twist.

We ordered the Vanilla Cheesecake…

cheesecake magnum and steins dessert newfoundland

…and the Beignets. If you are not familiar with Beignets, this is a french term that refers to a pastry made from deep-fried choux pastry – basically, delicious.

beignets dessert menu magnum and steins st.john's newfoundland

As you can see, they’re not your everyday desserts! Each one is plated perfectly and layered with enticing and complimentary flavours in the way of creams, jams and crumbles.

Both of these desserts were amazing – a perfect cap to a great meal at Magnum and Steins.

bring the bread at magnum and steins st. john's newfoundland magnum and steins interior newfoundland

Finally, I would like to mention a huge Thank You! to my parents who so kindly gave myself and  Andrew the Gift Certificate to Magnum and Steins for Christmas this year. We had been saving it for the right night out and it paid off!

magnum and steins gift certificate st. john's newfoundland

If you’re looking for the ultimate foodie gift, look no further than a Gift Certificate to an amazing restaurant like this one!

Another tip for Magnum and Steins – you can make reservations online through Open Table! Check it out here.

magnum and steins interior newfoundland magnum and steins beer st. john's newfoundland

Do you have any favourites from Magnum and Steins?


2 thoughts on “Magnum and Steins: Lounge Menu

  1. Sam April 17, 2015 / 1:30 pm

    mmm I think I just decided where I’m going tonight for supper! love your reviews, always excited to see a new one has been posted.


    • Jessica Kilfoy April 17, 2015 / 1:42 pm

      Oh thank you, that’s so great to hear!

      I’m sure you won’t be disappointed at Magnum and Steins! Let me know what you think of it! 🙂


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