NL Sayings: Chocolate Bars

You may be familiar with the images of Newfoundland Chocolate Company‘s viral Valentine’s Day campaigns featuring their Newfoundland sayings bars. If not, you can check out my post on them here.

Well, the #NLSayings bars are back!

newfoundland sayings newfoundland chocolate company bar

These NL Sayings bars are made with Newfoundland Chocolate Company’s smooth and rich milk chocolate and filled with caramel and sea salt. It’s a perfect combination of sweet-salty that’s absolutely irresistible. Not to mention, the packaging is adorable!

newfoundland chocolate sea salt caramel

When I picked up these bars I was so excited to bite into one – which of course, I did as soon as I got home. But I realized, these bars aren’t meant to be enjoyed alone! Newfoundland and Newfoundland sayings are all about sharing and having a chat, so that’s exactly what I did! I shared them with my boyfriend who always tries to steal a bite, with co-wokers who put-up with me talking constantly about food, with a friend who loves a good treat and with my father on his birthday.

newfoundland chocolate company caramel bars

newfoundland chocolate company caramel bars

Needless to say, we all loved these delicious treats and all appreciated the awesome meaning behind the bars! Basically, the whole idea is Some Shockin’ Good!

some shocking' good newfoundland chocolate

nlsayings newfoundland chocolate nlsayings newfoundland chocolatenlsayings newfoundland chocolate

You can find these Newfoundland Sayings Bars at both Newfoundland Chocolate Company locations for $5 each – but I suggest buying more than one and sharing the chocolate love!

newfoundland sayings chocolate bars


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