Get Stuffed: Dinner Menu

Get Stuffed has been a family favourite for a long time now and with each visit, it only gets better. Located in a 19th century Victorian home at 190 Duckworth Street, Get Stuffed is centred in the heart of downtown with a perfect view of the War Memorial and St.John’s Harbour.

get stuffed duckworth street newfoundland st.john's

The interior provides a warm, relaxing atmosphere for a fantastic dining experience. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to take a seat on the bench lined with luxurious pillows and sip your drinks feeling as if you’re in your own home – or better!

Get Stuffed interior st.john's

The service at Get Stuffed is consistently prompt, helpful and genuinely friendly. The amicable nature of the staff lends itself to the relaxed and unpretentious nature of the restaurant itself. This, to me, is one of the most notable features. The Chef at Get Stuffed provides amazing, upscale food while the staff maintain a relaxed, bistro-esque atmosphere.

While we mulled over our menus and chatted with our fantastic server, we noshed on freshly made wontons and dip. These are a great alternative to the classic bread and butter.

fresh wonton dip get stuffed

While talking to our server on this particular visit, she let us in on a little secret – which I will share! The name of the restaurant ‘Get Stuffed’ does not actually refer to the absolutely satiated and satisfied feeling you’ll have upon leaving the restaurant. It refers instead to more of a “Get Lost” vibe (if you catch my drift). This circles back around to the relaxed feeling and general attitude of the restaurant: great food doesn’t have to be pretentious, it can be fun, relaxed and completely unassuming – and if you disagree, you can Get Stuffed!

Which is also why you’ll find on the menu of Get Stuffed, that you can add a hot dog to any meal for a mere $1. Yes, a hot dog add-on for $1 – like I said, relaxed, fun and down to earth. Sometimes we all just want to sit amongst fancy cushions and eat hot dogs! Thankfully, Get Stuffed understands us.

get stuffed menu st. john's newfoundland

The menu works a little differently here, in that there are no sides included and there are two size options. First, there is the Regular size, which is your typical serving and then, there is the Get Stuffed size, which is essentially the XL version. Once you choose your Main, you then choose which Sides you would like to add to the dish.

Before we jump to Mains, I have to take a moment to acknowledge what I consider to be the best item on the Get Stuffed menu. I insist on having this each time I eat here and have been raving about it for years. If you’ve tried it, you know. If you haven’t tried it, you should make reservations for dinner right now!

I highly recommend trying the Spicy Maple Bourbon Cream Mussels.

spicy maple bourbon cream mussels get stuffed newfoundland

As the name suggests, the mussels are immersed in a sweet and spicy cream sauce with hints of maple and toasted almonds ($12).

On this trip to Get Stuffed, we were all there to celebrate my Father’s birthday. Thankfully, these mussels are also his favourite so we got 2 orders to share – they were devoured within minutes! When you order this dish, the server will ask if you would like Grilled Bread on the side and your answer is ‘yes’! You are going to love the sauce so much that after the mussels are gone, you’ll want to dip bread in it. Even after the bread is gone, you might drink it with a spoon – seriously, it’s that good.

maple bourbon mussels get stuffed st.john's grilled bread get stuffed newfoundland

At our table of 6 there were two orders of the Salmon and they both were incredibly fresh and delicious. One features the option of Fruit Salsa and the other features the option of Lemon Dill Butter ($17).

salmon fruit salsa get stuffed newfoundland salmon lemon dill butter newfoundland get stuffed

Those who ordered the salmon, also went with a side dish each. Although not necessarily complimentary to the dish, but totally delicious, one went with the Sweet Potato Fries and the other chose a side of Sour Cream and Onion Mashed Potato ($4.75). Each of these were extremely fresh and tasty and were both massive servings!

sweet potato fries get stuffed newfoundland sour cream and onion mashed potato get stuffed

There were also 2 orders of the Pasta of the Day – one of which was mine! The pasta was cooked to perfection, filled with fresh vegetables and chicken in a delectable Pesto Cream Sauce. I absolutely loved this dish. Also, I did not go with a side dish (thankfully) as this serving was quite large on its own.

Pasta of the day pesto cream sauce get stuffed

Another dish tried at our table was a Special for that day: Glazed Duck, served on a bed of Rice and Chorizo. This dish was succulent, full of complex flavour and absolutely mouth-watering.

duck bed of rice chorizo

To go along with this delectable duck, was a side dish of the Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots ($4.75). Although a seemingly simple dish, these carrots were a show stopper! I’ll definitely be getting these as my side next time I visit Get Stuffed.

brown sugar glazed carrots side dish get stuffed st.john's

The final dish at our table was a Get Stuffed size serving of the Newfoundland Cod ($21). Featuring a Pan-seared Filet of Cod over Savory Dressing, topped with Scrunchions and finished with Lemon Drawn Butter. This dish had a fresh and light flavour from the lemon butter with a hearty, rich texture from the dressing and scrunchions. The lemon is an especially nice twist to the traditional Newfoundland meal, it creates a lighter feel to the dish with truly interesting flavour infusion with the savoury dressing. I will definitely be trying this again!

newfoundland cod get stuffed newfoundland

We all had an incredible experience at Get Stuffed. The food was perfect, the service was excellent and the atmosphere lent itself to an enjoyable and relaxing dinner.

You can see the full Get Stuffed Dinner and Lunch Menu here. Also, keep and eye on their Facebook and Twitter pages for evening specials and events.

get stuffed dinner interior st. john's newfoundland get stuffed dinner interior st. john's newfoundland


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  1. Sharon April 25, 2015 / 3:10 am

    Looks delish!! Love the pics!


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