The Club ♣: Lunch

The moment I opened the heavy black door of The Club on their opening night and gazed around at the amazing decor, I knew this would be a favourite place of mine. Located at 223 Duckworth Street, The Club is a St.John’s must-see.

the club interior st. john's newfoundland

The interior of The Club is rustic, with amazing modern twists. Featured throughout is heavy, dark wood that is beautifully offset with modern industrial pipe, artistically intricate and antique ceilings with contradictory simplistic lighting and always beautiful red brick.

the Club interior newfoundland the Club interior newfoundland

The atmosphere is warm and inviting with a relaxed pub-style feeling with low-sitting tables and chairs. It’s almost like being in the chicest cabin of the coolest person you’ve ever met, who also happens to be an award-winning chef.

Antique Ceiling St.john's The Club Interior Decor The Club

Table setting The Club Newfoundland Menu The Club Newfoundland

This feeling is perpetuated by the amazing staff who seem constantly relaxed, yet manage to execute amazing dishes, drinks and service with effortless style. I mean, look at this amazing crew photo from their Facebook page:

the club crew photo restaurant st. john's newfoundland

The Club offers both a Lunch and Dinner Menu. You can find both of these menus here.

The Club: lunch

Admittedly, the menu at The Club is quite hearty. If you’re headed for lunch you’ll want to prep yourself for the feast you’re about to have!

The Club Lunch Menu St.John's Newfoundland

My favourite Starters on the lunch menu are the Moules-frites and Q.V. 1892 Onion Rings. The Moules-frites includes Local Mussels in White Wine and a serving of Pommes Frites (french fries) with Tarragon Mayonnaise ($13).

I have always been a fan of onion rings, but the Q.V. 1892 Onion Rings at The Club are the best I’ve ever had! They’re extremely fresh with the perfect amount of crisp and are served with a mildly-spicy Sambal ( sambal: “sauce typically made from a variety of chili peppers”) Sour Cream and a Malt Spritzer in a mini spray bottle, which adds the perfect amount of whimsy ($8).

q.v. 1892 onion rings at the club st. john's

The lightest thing you’ll find on the Lunch Menu here is the Smoked Salmon Bagel. The premise is a classic one, but The Club has implemented its own local twist on the dish. Served on a bagel from Fixed Bakery is Beet-cured Local Salmon, Cream Cheese and Pickled Red Onion and Caper Berries ($15).

The complex flavours mix perfectly, creating a fresh and pleasant serving.

salmon bagel the club restaurant newfoundland st.john's

The next dish off the Lunch Menu is definitely a heavier and richer dish. The New England Lobster Roll features a Butter-toasted Roll with Celery, Tarragon Mayonnaise and mounds of delectable Lobster ($19).

This meal is the epitome of comfort food and the perfection of simple flavours creates a perfect dish.

lobster roll the club restaurant downtown st.john's

This last dish is a truly delicious, comfort food feast! In the Brunch section of The Club’s Lunch Menu is this heavenly plate of Fish and Chips and D and G. Featuring fresh, deep fried Fish Filets with The Club‘s own Pommes Frites towered with Newfoundland-style Dressing and rich Bone Marrow Gravy ($18).

I can’t rave about this meal enough, it’s a must-try, without a doubt. If you can’t make it for lunch, don’t fret, this dish is also available on their Dinner Menu.

fish and chips dressing and bone marrow gravy The Club newfoundland restaurant

fish and chips dressing and bone marrow gravy The Club newfoundland restaurant

If somehow after your meal you aren’t stuffed, you should take advantage of their sweet treats. The dish below is a beautiful plate featuring Chocolate Truffles from Newfoundland Chocolate Company with whipped cream, cherries, fried parsnip and caramel sauce.

These adorable truffles were made specially for The Club by the Newfoundland Chocolate Company featuring the club symbol. This attention to detail is unparalleled.

newfoundland chocolate company truffles dessert the club restaurant newfoundland chocolate company truffles dessert the club restaurant

Of course, another treat available at The Club is their awesome drinks. I am a cocktail lover and have fallen madly in love with the fresh and unique concotions the bartenders at The Club are whipping up. My favourites are the Raspberry Peach Bellini and Pink Grapefruit Martini ($9).

The Club restaurant Pink Grapefruit Martini Restaurant Newfoundland

If you’re not up for a meal, The Club is also a perfect place to visit for a drink and a snack at the bar.

the club bar cocktail

A great evening for me, involves heading to The Club with a couple of friends for a chat, drinks and an amazing meal. Every time I leave after a meal I am content, full and already looking forward to my next visit.

*Select photos from The Club’s Facebook Page


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