Montreal: Favourite Summer Eats

This blog was originally published on my work blog, for Eclipse, titled The Hemline.When I started planning my long weekend trip to Montréal, I thought of a million great blog ideas to help fellow travelers. First important tip, start your flight off with a cup of coffee, a good book and something comfy to wear!

MontréalHowever, midway through my trip I realized almost all of the photos I was taking were of delicious food. Yeah, I’m a foodie. So, in following my love of adventure and good food, here are my top 5 restaurants to try in lovely Montréal!

Jessica’s Top 5 Restaurants to try in Montréal
  1. Les Deux Singes de Montarvie
    A small, intimate restaurant featuring an open kitchen and art by local Montréal artists. They serve amazing French cuisine at a mid-range price point. The service is perfect and the atmosphere is cool, chic and unpretentious – a must-try!
    Les Deux Singes De Montarvie Montréal
  2. Le Bremner
    This spot, owned by celebrity chef Chuck Hughes, is hidden away in a basement on St-Paul Street. Although a splurge, it’s totally worth it. Boasting an amazing raw bar and short menu, their dishes are top notch. With dim lighting and small space, the atmosphere is intimate and modern with a lively feel.Le Bremner Montréal
  3. Darbar
    A small, family-run restaurant on St-Laurent. For lovers of Indian Cuisine, it’s a must-try (I promise you will fall in love). Featuring bold and flavour-intense Punjabi dishes and amazing service, Darbar is a great choice if you’re looking for something in the low-to-mid price range.
    darbar Montréal
  4. Maiko Sushi
    This restaurant is a bit larger and less intimate than the others listed, but the perfectly executed dishes make it a go-to place for all sushi lovers. Who wouldn’t fall in love with flowers made of salmon? Located in the Mile End district, surrounded by art galleries and budding musicians, Maiko is a definitely a must-try.
    maiko sushi Montréal
  5. Café Cantina
    This amazing spot is located in Pointe St-Charles on the outskirts of Montréal (but hey, take the metro!). It’s a cute, family-run restaurant with a low price point and mouth-watering Mexican dishes. If you can make the trip, you must eat here!
    cafe cantina Montréal

Since I can’t cover all of the bases with a top 5 list, here are my favourite places for a quick snack or a tasty treat in Montréal. I will touch on a few of these places further in depth in later posts.

Food in Montréal