The Travelling Table: Food Delivery

It’s a Friday night, you’ve had a long week and you just can’t wait to get home and put on some comfy clothes. Naturally, the perfect companion for a lazy night-in is a good feast.

This being my weekly routine, I began to quickly grow tired of the limited delivery options available in St.John’s. Which is why, when I heard about The Travelling Table, I ran to my computer immediately to bookmark it – and jumped for joy.

the travelling table the sprout delivery service food newfoundland st. john's downtown relish sun sushi pi pizzeria pizza manna bakery bistro sofia

The Travelling Table is a local online-based delivery service that delivers from a variety of restaurants. The list includes favourites such as Relish Gourmet Burgers, Saigon Bistro, The Sprout, Bistro Sofia, Manna Bakery, India Gate and Sun Sushi – along with others!

Just last week they added Pi Gourtmet Eatery to the roster – talk about a perfect way to up the ante on pizza night.

the travelling table delivery service newfoundland st. john's bring the bread food blog relish burgers bistro sofia rio the sprout manna bakery sun sushi where to eat

This amazing service from The Travelling Table is relatively new on the scene, having launched in September of 2014. The owner is a St.John’s native who loves good food and was eager to bring more good food options to people on-the-run. Hallelujah.

Of course, this company doesn’t just benefit the hungry customers, there is also a great benefit to our local restaurants who aren’t able to offer such a complicated and potentially costly service to their customers.  One of the restaurants availing of The Travelling Table, Saigon Bistro, boasts about it being a wonderful solution for restaurants who don’t have a delivery driver on staff.

As I was saying, as soon as I heard about The Travelling Table I bookmarked the site. I got my comfy clothes on and then of course, I ordered food! Their website is incredibly easy to use with a tidy and modern interface. For my first purchase I tried out a restaurant that was new to me, Saigon Bistro, and I greatly appreciated the use of images for each item – it made ordering so easy!

the travelling table food delivery service saigon bistro where to eat newfoundland st. john's food blog

They deliver within St.John’s for a flat fee of $6.99 and also to Mount Pearl, Paradise, Portugal Cove – St. Phillips and Torbay for a slightly higher rate. They accept both Credit Card and PayPal for payment.

The Travelling Table is simple, easy to use, very prompt and amazingly convenient. I suggest trying it on your next lazy night-in or just for making family dinners a little easier.

Forget boring pizza delivery, it’s time to switch it up! Check out their site here and get ordering!

IMG_9076bun bi cha glo spring rolls pork vietnamese st.john's saigon the travelling table food delivery st. john's newfoundland


Sun Sushi : Duckworth Street

A few years back I was introduced to the concept of sushi. At first I was completely uninterested however, with time I became slightly intrigued. Finally, after much persuading, I took my first bite of a Spicy Broccoli Roll from Sun Sushi, and completely fell in love. Since this day I have had a deep love and serious addiction to all types of sushi. Sun Sushi quickly became my go-to place for sushi in St.John’s.


Since then, Sun Sushi has opened a second location and launched All You Can Eat lunch. The original is located at 186 Duckworth Street while the new addition can be found at 16 Stavanger Drive. While I have been frequenting Sun Sushi for a few years now, I have yet to eat at their Stavanger Drive location. Therefore, this post is solely focusing on their downtown location.

Also, thanks to the incredibly convenient Travelling Table, you can also order Sun Sushi online for delivery. Check it out here. Because, we all know there’s nothing better than enjoying some amazing food in the comfort of your own home.

sun sushi delivery st. john's newfoundland where to eat restaurantsun sushi delivery st. john's newfoundland where to eat restaurant

With a recent renovation, Sun Sushi’s decor is clean and modern with additions of fun and bright, traditional-inspired decor and art.

Sun Sushi Duckworth Street Downtown St.John's Newfoundland Interior

Along with their interior re-jig, they did a menu revamp as well. Their menus are printed on large books with thick pages. It seems a little unnecessary but, in the end, I kind of enjoyed it!

They also have added chalk boards throughout the restaurant highlighting specials and customer favourites. This, I really appreciated. On my most recent trip there, it inspired me to try something new!

Sun Sushi Menu St.John's Newfoundland Sun sushi chalk board menu downtown st. john's newfoundland

First when you arrive, your server will bring you  a small bowl of Miso Soup. The traditional etiquette for consuming this is to drink the broth from the bowl and to use your chopsticks at the end to eat the remaining seaweed, scallions and tofu.

Miso Soup is typically quite high in sodium, but its warmth and smooth flavour is always comforting to me.

mis soup sun sushi downtown st. john's newfoundland

Whenever I eat at Sun Sushi there are two appetizers that I just have to get, the House Salad with Avocado and the Gyoza.

The House Salad is a mix of lettuce, carrot, cabbage, avocado and a miso-dressing that is to die for. This starter is always fresh, crisp and delicious. Sometimes, I even save the salad bowl after the salad is gone to dip my sushi in – that is so wrong when it comes to etiquette, but it’s delicious. Sorry.

house salad orange miso dressing avocado sun sushi newfoundland

Gyoza are dumplings that are filled with ground meat and vegetables then wrapped in a thin dough. These are also known as pot stickers. Traditionally, these are steamed however, Sun Sushi does theirs as a deep fry. Although this makes the dish slightly more greasy and hearty, it is certainly tasty.

gyoza pot stickers sun sushi downtown newfoundland

I have a few rolls that I love to eat here, but my must-try ones would be the Spicy Broccoli Roll and the Spicy Tuna Roll. If you are just starting out with sushi, I recommend trying the Spicy Broccoli Roll. It’s fresh, light and is a great way to introduce yourself to the cuisine without jumping straight into fish.

If you’re a veteran, there are tons of amazing options at Sun Sushi to get your sushi fix. I have yet to try the Sashimi here, but their Nigiri is fresh and delicious.

spicy tuna roll nigiri sun sushi newfoundland restaurant japanese

I am continually getting confused between Sashimi and Nigiri – and believe I am not the only one. So, here are the three main terms broken down into simple definitions:

Sushi: Vinegared rice rolled with seaweed and other ingredients
Sashimi: A slice of raw fish, served on its own
Nigiri: A slice of raw fish laid on a bed of pressed vinegared rice

Below are a few of my favourites from Sun Sushi including Nigiri, Tokyo Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll and a Dragon Roll.

sun sushi spicy tuna roll tokyo roll downtown st.john's

tokyo roll sun sushi downtown restaurant

sun sushi salad downtown st. john's restaurant

Each serving of sushi will come accompanied by Pickled Ginger and Wasabi. Although, it is interesting to note that this is only common in Western cultures and is not typically seen in Japanese culture. Ginger is traditionally seen with only sushi and Wasabi is meant to be rolled into the rice of Nigiri or paired with Sashimi.

If you are new to the sushi game, you’ll want to try these. Both of these companions have qualities that are meant to enhance the flavour of your sushi. Wasabi can be quite hot, so use sparingly and the ginger, I find, serves as a great palate cleanser between different flavours.

Another honourable mention on the Sun Sushi menu is the Curry Rice Bowl with Chicken. If you like curry, this bowl is a must-try! It’s rich, flavourful and incredibly filling. Especially during the colder months, I tend to gravitate towards this dish.

curry rice bowl chicken sun sushi newfoundland

It is worth mentioning however, that in general, the service at Sun Sushi is typically lacking. Which, you tend not to mind. Once your table is stocked with delicious food, it’s really not too much of a bother that there are no servers around. But, do keep it in mind.

In any case, there is a much better way to enjoy Sun Sushi’s food – especially since the nice weather has finally hit us. My favourite way to enjoy a delicious sushi meal is to order take-out and devour my feast in the grass of the War Memorial or Harbourside Park.

sun sushi take out st. john's newfoundland salad gyoza

Also, I have a Pro-Tip for you! If you do take-out with Sun Sushi and spend more than (I think) $30, you get a free California Roll! So, if you’re going for bang-for-your-buck, do take-out!

Sun Sushi Duckworth Street Downtown St.john's salad where to eat

What is your favourite roll from Sun Sushi?